Rewarding Early users of the platform

Many projects like uniswap rewarded thier Early users. If we can do similar thing for XCN
for early adaptors of xcn app for supply, lending, staking ssomething like an airdrop that will bring more attention to the project. Ideas are welcomed


xcn is in crypto space since years , but yeah it changed during year from CHN TO XCN and now a fully decentralized project

Umm what will be criteria though . xcn is old coin not new project . share detailed idea plz

I believe we could say this is being done in terms of higher APY on supply as it will be higher at first prior to more assets being supplied and in addition the gas refunds. It’s possible for the DAO to incentivise further though.

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true .Make sense .i think gas refund is itself a reward to save fees on erc

That would be a super cool. can i consider myself early if i just found out about the project lol

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That would be nice but it’s not good for project in the long term I think

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Haha . its nice really . but what can be categories for early users .