Report of the Onyx teamwork for the past two months and a plan for the following

Hello Onyx!

While the community sees announcements of events and partnerships, plenty of work is behind the scenes. All the team members communicate with potential partners, write posts and articles, code, fix bugs, monitor server logs, manage tasks, educate, gather user feedback, review CVs.

For me, it’s essential to make things well-organized — it helps Onyx to achieve constant improvement. Step by step, Onyx becomes a better place for cryptocurrency users.

Here is an overview of the Onyx teamwork for the past two months:

  • We set up the team and the teamwork and established cooperation between team members. It’s a base for future daily work.
  • Managed the technical side of Onyx
  • Obtained a full-stack developer
  • Published articles in crypto outlets, held AMAs, and set up social communities
  • The Onyx community grew and show better engagement
  • Partnered with other DeFi projects: Droidex, Earn and MyCointainer
  • Help different marketing campaigns on Zealy and Gleam
  • Run the fantastic “Sticker Bomb” offline campaign
  • Discussed listing with exchanges (we’ll not announce)
  • Created a draft of the Onyx band book and design
  • Acquired mech staff
  • Continue the Gas Refund programme
  • Initiate support of XCN on the BNB Smart Chain

What’s in the plan:

  • Design and propose a budget for the Onyx project
  • Put more effort into the development of the protocol and applications
  • Hold AMAs shared with other projects
  • Expand regional communities and find Onyx ambassadors
  • Spread Onyx news across leading crypto news sites
  • Introduce new app features and new coin support
  • Partner with more DeFi projects and run shared marketing campaigns
  • Introduce new XCN listings

Specific plans and expenses depend on the cryptocurrency market state; injecting large marketing campaigns in a bear market is not practical. Still, constant project improvements help to stay afloat and raise when the time comes.

Thank you for being so supportive, Onyx community.


Hello! Will the gas refund program be extended after the funds intended for this end?

App features and more coins supports is most important to survive in the competitive world . work hard team .


Budget for which purpose sir?

All the best team for all future endeavors .



We review gas refund program among other incentives.

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To develop the Onyx project.

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When will the company reach full profitability?

Also on bringing down gas fee on the app .

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quite most important thing to work on priority basis . i feel