Regarding the hiring of future smart contract dev, pls bring a KYCed/doxxed dev

Could you please confirm that for the recruitement of the next solidity dev, you are going to chose someone that is KYCed and doxxed?
Please don’t bring anon devs, as the rug risk would be very high.

@alex can you please confirm this

kyc / doxxed devs matter ? really ?


No, we don’t use KYC. It doesn’t affect the platform’s safety:

  • All the code updates are reviewed by different team members, and also available publicly
  • Onyx uses automatic code deployment using decentralized platforms as IPFS
  • We can use third-party reviewers and audits
  • Technically it’s not possible to make changes in contracts without public on-chain proposals and voting
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the demand of kyced devs on decentralised protocol doesnt makes sense .

“Technically it’s not possible to make changes in contracts without public on-chain proposals and voting”

=> I disagree on this admin, last time I checked, owner/admin still has privileges to execute some functions without proposals. Also this sensitive part of the code hasn’t been audited.

You have hired a new dev that accepted to show his identity, but I couldn’t find this new guy on any socials. Since he is ok to dox (I read the article with his picture), maybe he can share his socials too? Do you personally know him/worked with him before?

Tbh i never bothered about doxxed team , as even i will be hesitant to share my kyc . imagine if protocol starts kycing

Ok no problem if he doesn’t show his identity.
Then what is his past history? On which protocols did he work on?

Why do you need all this info? Are you paranoid or something? Chill bro. Nobody does KYC anymore.

insane lol . it just noobish to care about kyc of devs and team . just focus on development

Man should take rest and sleep well . he is stressed

Lot of fake accounts under the same person spamming same thing. Sounds legit.

A protocol just got rugged by a fiver dev yesterday. And i know many that got rugged.

As a DAO we are in the right to know more information about the dev : what projects did he work on the past? I talked about KYC because it seems he’s sharing his real profile picture.

But let’s forget KYC: on which protocol did he work on? Any past history? You can’t recruit a dev; give no information and impose DAO to accept.

True . Experience can be shared with the community . Agreed

agree that experience should be shared , but also dont think any team will hire some who is not worthy of that task . imo

Still cant get whats the controversy in this issue . Hope you get your answer and you visit the dev after he get doxxed

Lol :hot_face: :crazy_face:

I bet there is a really good reason for the hidden identitys. I believe it could be because of their connection to a certain financial institution and it could give away the beans.

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This is Manhattan Project kinda stuff right now.

what it is ?sir enlighten

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JPMorgan Onyx Digital Assets happens to be hiring at the same time Onyx Protocol is?

Lol . Coincidence every time or something really co relating :slight_smile: