Reduce total supply

Can we have a new proposal to reduce the total supply. If any one interested i can delegate my xcn voting power to that user. As we need 100 million xcn for creating new proposal.


You mean burning coins again ? i wish it happens burning are alwys bullish

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if im right they reduced it from 67 to 45 around now . and now its all depend on voting . lets create proposal and see the reaction

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Can we proceed with proposal. I can delegate my voting power

Lets do it Then ! :innocent: If you feel more investors will support this proposal

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I like this action very much. Bears are killing xcn out there, the bulls need to be thrown a bone every now and again also to show the true strength of the project.

Let’s wait for the new whitepaper.

But how? Team allocation was burned

10 may new WP is coming . hopeful about that

Can you share some more details on it

hmmm . i dont think they will burn more tokens this soon


By reducing total supply you mean burning XCN tokens, right?
To burn tokens from what wallet exactly do you propose?

From total supply :slight_smile: ser

Hey Mate ! Team has already burnt their allocation long time back .

What about tokens coming out of timelock

How about dialing back the monthly releases and letting the price rebound and catch up with demand?

There is no “total supply wallet” :slight_smile:
When you burn tokens, it’s from some specific wallet, and the wallet owner initiates it.

Timelock, $0.0024 | Onyxcoin (XCN) Token Tracker | Etherscan “The Onyx DAO was granted 15 billion XCN to utilize on advancing blockchain and web3 initiatives to create open finance opportunities via the Onyx Protocol. They are locked inside a time lock smart contract with monthly releases of 200,000,000 XCN per month.”

  1. Timelock contract will start to release tokens only from April 2024
  2. These tokens are not in circulation, and doesn’t affect supply and demand

There is no reason to burn timelock tokens.

Ok, I understand that now. My question is where are wintermute and falcon x getting tokens from? It seems as they are being given an endless supply? Or is this something that is out of onyx’s control?

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Also if it is like dark pool kinda stuff like stocks when it comes to the MM’s I get that and no answer needed.