Quesion about bid base auction system

I read the whitepaper and was looking at the roadmap. What is bid base auction system? The description isn’t quite clear and ambiguous. Perhaps someone from the team can explain it in details?

Hey . This is in our Roadmap and yet to do list . Team is working over the roadmap .

Where is the roadmap on the roadmap? :smile:

Yeah, where is the roadmap @Shawn_sat ? I think you forgot to share what you said :rofl:


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context ? what happened here ?

I understood team is working over the roadmap as team is working on the roadmap lol


Hey @Mick Sorry if i replied something wrong . can you please correct me ?

I am sorry. It was me who misunderstood something thinking you guys were still on the roadmap meaning working o the roadmap. But the roadmap is ready and strong to go.

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Ohhh hahaha . quite funny lmao

I think what he’s asking is what exactly from the roadmap is being worked on currently it’s a fair ask currently.

is it necessary to work on just on front at the time ? if team is large they can do multiple isnt it ?

This questions was answered on the Telegram group. If you see the line under the topic it is finished or worked on.

The primary question here was about the bid base auction system. Did that get answered somewhere by any chance? Asking for a friend.

Decent yea i saw this too, will wait for more info I guess

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never heard about this concept Bid base auction

Hey mick !
Check the website you will find the whitepaper and the roadmap🤝

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:saluting_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: