Proposal: Accept new Brand book and Design

Hey Onyx Community,
We’ve created the new Design guidelines and the Brand book.


The goal of the proposed protocol improvement is to revamp the existing brand identity of the Onyx Protocol by adopting a new Brand Book and Design. This initiative seeks to modernize the visual elements, messaging and overall brand representation to align with the evolving landscape and to further establish the protocol’s prominence in the market. The new Brand Book and Design are meant to foster greater community engagement, promote user adoption, and enhance the visibility and appeal of the Onyx Protocol in the larger ecosystem.


Current State: The existing branding of the Onyx Protocol is recognized to be outdated and not fully representative of the innovative strides and capabilities the protocol currently possesses. The current brand image might not resonate well with the newer audience segments, potentially limiting growth and community engagement.

Proposal Details: The new Brand Book and Design have been crafted with an acute awareness of the contemporary market trends and user expectations.

The new Brand Book and Design: Onyx_Protocol_Guidlines_v1.0.0.pdf - Google Drive

It incorporates:

Visual Identity: Introduction of a sleek, modern visual identity that includes updated logos, color palettes, typography, and graphical elements.

Messaging & Narrative: Refreshed messaging and narrative that clearly articulates the protocol’s vision, mission, and value proposition, creating a cohesive story that binds the community and projects a strong market presence.

Community Engagement: Strategies to amplify community engagement through the introduction of interactive elements, community-centric campaigns, and collaborative platforms, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant community.

Integration & Consistency: Ensuring consistency across all platforms and touchpoints, creating a seamless and unified user experience, reinforcing brand recognition, and trust.


The adoption of the new Brand Book and Design is a strategic move to reposition the Onyx Protocol as a leader in its domain. This proposal aims to usher in a new era of growth, fostering a more engaged community and creating a strong, recognizable brand that resonates well with both existing and potential users. By approving this proposal, the Onyx community would be endorsing a renewed and vibrant brand image, setting the stage for increased visibility, adoption, and success in the marketplace. It is anticipated that this renewal will play a pivotal role in the sustainable growth and development of the Onyx Protocol, enhancing its competitiveness and relevance in the industry.

Awaiting for your feedback, dear Onyx Community.


All Looks good @alex . You earned my vote .

Looks amazing!
And very to understand , thanks for the guideline!

This was a good move
It’s strategic to have a uniform brand logo that can represent the Onyx community effectively.

Please designers, take note of the brand book when designing content regarding Onyx Protocol.

These are truly magnificent and all the details are there, everything is clearly and simply designed. Hats off to this one. Well done everyone

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It’s not amazing, it all looks beyond amazing. It’s obvious a lot of effort went into it and they did a great job.

It’s all incredible. It is obvious that effort has been put in and everything has been done with care. I fainted as soon as I saw it :star_struck:

I agree with this 100%.

what it will change ?

not a big change . just the appearance of logos and all. the color theme


Thank you for the feedback! Looking forward to accepting the new Onyx Brand book!


The new design looks decent. Looking forward to more new features

no big conflict in this proposal imo . you guys can do it without even proposal and save your gas fees refund of voting

lol it wont works like this

Onyx Protocol is decentralized and continues to improve itself with users’ ideas. What the community thinks about the new change is important in every sense.

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Great and amazing work with a touch of simplicity and excellence.
This is heartwarming. Nice job, Alex

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Yes sir . hope onyx shines the brightest in bull run

Ok sir Thanx for reply .

Went through thr new brand book!
Its amazing , love how detailed it is!
These will foster good contents in thr community s well.

In this way, a newcomer to the Onyx protocol will easily master the details. Everything is explained very simply and beautifully.

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