Please vote for the new proposal to burn 15 billion XCN

This is what we really need. 30% of treasury fund of xcn around 15 billion tokens will be burned if this proposal passes. Please please vote for it


I’ve stated my position on this earlier.

I agree . why to burn tokens which are already locked ?

Dont think its sustainable idea for a new protocol to burn all the dao treasury

Burns are bullish to be honest . lets go for it this time

Damn it failed . majority didnt liked it like budget proposal

wonder why anyone will not like burns . and also that big quantity

sadly we dint go for this . better luck next time

I am new to all this but what happens with the released tokens as from April 2024. They will never go in to supply?

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There must first be an offer for cremation.

what do you mean ?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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lol :smile:

Its going to be 1 year of this old proposal :slight_smile: xD