Overview/Report of the Onyx teamwork for the past weeks and a plan for the following

Hello, the Onyx community!

Here is an overview of the Onyx teamwork for the past weeks:

  • Received the three-month XCN budget from the Onyx Treasury and swapped XCN to USDT via an OTC deal. This includes both development/maintenance and marketing money.
  • Reviewed job applications to the Onyx team, held interviews, and hired a BD assistant, a designer, a part-time system administrator, and community moderators
  • Held the AMA in the Turkish Coin Muhendisi community
  • Released the new Onyx Whitepaper
  • Met and reviewed several attractive marketing offers
  • Set up backend servers and security, and IPFS app deployments
  • Organised social media management and moderation and held several AMAs/OpenMic. We’ve established a healthy community for discussion, eliminated FUD, and moved price discussion to a special channel in Discord.
  • Organised internal workflow, including publications, posts, meetings, and discussions. We’ve set up work tools.

What’s in the plan for the following weeks:

  • Find ambassadors and create regional communities. This will be a base for further community expansion.
  • Make up a FAQ and pinned resources for the community. Novices will get the project overview fast and join a discussion.
  • Create DeFi visual materials. Uniswap researched that DeFi has two significant problems: high fees and complexity/lack of understanding. We’ve addressed the first with gas refunds and can handle the last with education materials.
  • Choose the best marketing offers and run them. There is no lack of marketing offers; we have plenty. What’s important is to choose the most efficient.
  • Find media partners for publications. Crypto media can be a driving force for the project expansion. Media attracts users around the globe.
  • Research Advertising possibilities. Crypto ads will bring more attention to Onyx.
  • Order first merch staff for partners to make stronger relationships
  • Create Onyx design guidelines and Brand. Unified style and brand will leverage the project recognition and simplify application development and publications.
  • Minor app improvements. We’ll understand Onyx’s app better and start to introduce changes.
  • Implement CI/auto-deployment for both front-end and back-end; Organize workflow with GitHub repositories. This will simplify further Protocol development and enhance reliability.

Join us!


More power to the team . Keep up the good work

Great . hope Multichain will be there soon

Giveaways of Merch to Community is also a good idea

Thank you for being transparent

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all good work Folks. Alwys be transparent with community