Onyx V2 seems dead on arrival

Ok not completely dead, but if you’re a chartist you can see it’s clearly pulled off a Dead Cat Bounce. For the non-chartists, that’s not a great sign.For the chartists, it’s also not surprising if you lurk in the community searching for signs of life.

What does this all mean? Outsiders looking in see no value. Fanboys and girls can bash this all they like. I get it, you have a bias opinion. I see whats on a price chart, and it’s not impressive.

I’m not a dev nor am i an idealog beating the XCN drum. I allocate funds. You want investors? Do something to impress investors.


did you see other alts in the same timeframe?how they are doing?

you too have bias opinion in my opinion

Simply reading a price chart. Price doesn’t lie. If you’re a chartist and you can come to a different conclusion, you’re lying to yourself.

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All garbage

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what about other coins then ?

Lol :slight_smile: