Onyx Protocol V2 Launch Announcement & New Product


If we are speaking about v1 reimbursement, no specific date yet. Snapshots for v1 oToken holders have been captured, with a compensatory plan to be deliberated and voted upon in the forthcoming months.

No, v1 rewards are closed and not a part of a compensatory plan.


Ok. Thanks. Alex. There were available rewards shown in december and I
tried to claim them a couple of times but they didn’t get back to my
account (even though transactions stated successful). What
happened/where are these?

How does this v2 and the meta usd coin affect tokenomics. Holders have been hurting for quite some time. Is xcn token value a pressing concern for the team?


so you’re saying it’s going to take months to get my shiba and ape? or just the pepe users?

sad for those unclaimed rewards lol

it is what it is . you need to move on and focus on better things in onyx now . you can make it all back

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You must be kidding. There are millions of dollars in tokens sitting there and no plan yet to return them. Most people don’t even have Pepe and couldn’t care less about such a token. Yet, people are supposed to deposit anew?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Congratulations team!
All the best with v2🚀

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@alex we need a ama on twitter