Onyx Protocol v2 is now live

Onyx Protocol v2 is now live on the Ethereum mainnet. Users can access the liquidity protocol back on app.onyx.org.


we are so back back !! A great achievement team and community

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@alex also please did you saw the gas instability . its asking to pay 1 eth in gas fee for staking . please optimise it too

why is it, nobody else is asking about their lost funds? are you all in on this or you make that much money in crypto you don’t care about it?

there’s no clear answer that i see regarding payback for my shib and ape, yet the v2 is up and running?

Change your wallet. Doesn’t like metamask

Yes, there needs to be a clear time plan to put funds back from v1. The funds are just sitting in eth network wallets.

I have lost my funds in v1 too . but cant do much regarding that not under our control . gotta believe on team and they will make it happen for all

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