Onyx Price Spike

Anyone know what’s causing the price spike today?

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I gut feeling tells me strike is accumulating so they can vote to take over onyx at Pennies on the dollar.


The timing and order of events are concerning.

Onyx protocol is one project that has been very transparent. I respect your views but I feel there’s nothing Shady going on.


it was a good relief pump . hope it continues

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there are no reasons of pump . search for reasons during dump

Could it be as a result of the what happened.
Hoping for the better.

:star_struck:good luck to us

I will say all altcoins are currently on a run now

not all still many are lagging

Not all though!
But I’m at the way the team hamdled the issue of hack. Time to build more confidence.

this team will only work if strike proposal gets defeated

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