thats something interesting to see from @alex

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Can you explain the top holders of XCN token @alex?

Check etherscan; $0.0025 | Onyxcoin (XCN) Token Tracker | Etherscan

Skip the exchangewallets and you will see that the top 15 xcn holders are all inactive wallets.
This is the top 5

Well, idk about you all, but Alex said supplied XCN is safe. Now it isnt. I didnt retrieve funds just because it was said in that way. Seems like some of us have been tricked, yet i really hope that everything will come out better… Hope you all have a good time here at Onyx

what do you mean by inactive wallets ?


I can’t say who are the holders of XCN.
As I see, most top wallets are burn, treasury, DAO, and exchanges.
I don’t have info who holds no-name wallets.


I’ve said not supplied XCN, but staked XCN are safe: https://twitter.com/OnyxProtocol/status/1733503798927102301

I also wish Onyx recovering.

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You said: no action for suppliers… Check previous posts.

I hope we dont get left out…


No actions for suppliers because it were impossible to withdraw supplied tokens, including XCN.
All supplied tokens affected by the hack.

Good news is that reimbursement plan states that v1 users will receive the supplied XCN tokens in full (in XCN value).


Thank you for reply Alex. Hope all good comes out of this and our community recognize teams efforts and gets even stronger than before. Cheers

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I do believe Onyx resolves every issue step by step.


this is too relaxing , i hope in future the planned 5 years gets reduced to shorter period if protocol revenue grows

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