📢 OIP-35 has passed

This OIP will officially activate the Base Bridged XCN via Super bridge. Earlier the official Base XCN was launched which requires 1 XCN on Ethereum to be locked so that 1 XCN on Base can be minted. Same goes for redeeming the 1 locked XCN back on Ethereum; 1 XCN on Base would be required to be burned. This mechanism is identical to the Binance BEP20 BNBChain XCN.

The proposal also grants 100 million XCN to be added to dex liquidty for proper layer 2 liquidity.

Lastly, this proposal adjusts the floating staking rate back to its target rate.

Big W

:partying_face: :partying_face: The flow of the team is back

executed or not?



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Great . lets bring more proposals . keep up the speed of development

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