New proposal: OIP-33: Finalise Onyx v1 Plan

New proposal out there.

@alex - can you elaborate?


I didn’t hear about it, but it seems it finalises the previous proposal to switch to Onyx v2 and refund to v1 users.

This OIP will finalise the last part of the Onyx v1 Reimbursement plan and migration to the Onyx v2 contracts. With the passage of this proposal, all users will now be fully compensated for their entire loss amounts based on the November market issues with PEPE. Thereafter, Onyx DAO will have distributed to every user claim the amount they lost during the incident. This OIP will also finalise the v2 contracts with goverance.

@alex any idea total amount of reimbursement?

when ? there is no announcement regarding this anywhere

Thanks for the update. We understand the team is working hard, however they are obliges to always keep the investors updated especially with projects on the pipeline. It’s called investor’s confidence Thanks again

True . there should be regular updates indeed , we are lagging in this stuf

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I don’t have digits, but we can suppose almost everybody got refunds, as already a month passed.

There is single wallet from which all the refunds happened ?

I have been looking for news articles. You can find more news about the hack than the reimbursement plan. This should be the other way around I guess. The only website I found so far was Student Coin Main where Alex head of DAO explains a bit… ( edited the link )

Getting the reimbursement plan in the news is also a nice chance to explain possible, if any, upcoming protocol changes.

student coin ! Nice name

Team, i’ve sent mail about my reimbursement, but haven’t received answer. Plz answer.

so late :slight_smile: lol

no worries he will be reimbursed anyway . There was no limitation of time to send mail for reimbursement