New assets on Onyx?

Hi Team,

Is there any chance of new assets being added soon? how can we recommend or ask for new assets?


I forgot to mention but I’d like to see Doge, SHIB, BONE and I think maybe some other things from the top 20 on coin gecko would be good for the community

As a fellow member of Onyx, it’s fantastic to see some discussion on this topic. I would also like to suggest that we consider including Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT) for supply and borrowing.

Of course, it’s decentralized so the community can vote to add new assets.

cant wait to see what new things added

Definitely something worth discusssing

Looks like someone made a post for arb and some nft ones

Might need a category to organize this into “New Market Listings” or some equivalent

We need more shib related assets adding

I’d suggest creating individual posts for suggestions in the new suggestions category.

I have some coins to suggest so will do this soon

I like the suggestion to add Jasmy and saw someone made a post about this

lets add all top 100 tokens :slight_smile:

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will welcome every new assets on platform

Like I mentioned above, any assets can be mentioned in the suggestions section.

I personally suggested LTC

When Bep-20? BSC would be very nice

You mean multi chain ? onyx bridge with BSC ? for sure it will be game changer

i agree . Bsc is needed . also it has less fees than erc