My take on Onyx Protocol and our connection to JPMORGAN hey Alex whats going on here?

So it is obvious that Onyx by JPMORGAN has been trademarked. Onyx Protocol has updated the brand book ro refect being referred to as Onyx. Why would they do that if there is no connection? They are asking for tremendous legal troubles if they are not connected. Imo the jpm coin will be only used between institutions and xcn will be their retail crypto in your account and utilized as a leveraging tool for them with other prevalent cryptos. So Alex, is this the end game?

Here you go, disprove this!

how it will be legal trouble ?

Copyright and trademark infringement. Also misleading investors


I do not know about any connection of Onyx Protocol with JP Morgan.
Onyx is supported by an independent team and the community, of course.

When I took the Head of Onyxcoin DAO position, Onyx was already Onyx; it was not my initiative.
I don’t know if JP Morgan already had the trademark at the time when Onyxcoin appeared.

Onyx Protocol and Onyx by JP Morgan are very different, as Onyx Protocol is community-driven and individual-oriented, and JP’s is centralized and business-oriented.
There are also other coins called Onyx. All of them co-exist somehow.


this is what i know from the starting

I’ve read the whitepaper on the protocol. it was very specific about this being a very transparent network and community, would be provided when it came to voting and taking the next step with protocols. And QUOTE

" operating through a series of decentralized smart contracts deployed on the ethereum blockchain, the onyx protocol is entirely transparent and immune to centralized attacks and single hint failure. these contracts are owned by the onyx governance and can only be modified through a successful on-chain proposal deployed by onyx coin stakers,this ensures that any changes to the protocol are done transparently and with the support of shakers, making the protocol unsusceptible to centralized and single points of failure. by leveraging the power of decentralized smart contracts, onyx ensures that all transaction are recorded on the ethereum blockchain, providing full transparency and accountability "


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context ?

this is related to new members not being a ware that changes to the protocol has been made or has been disabled. stakers should know about these things as soon as they join the community. Hints the word transparency.