Modular Layer 3 Chain

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lowest gas fees coming :eyes:

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lets fkin go

so change in contract token ?

can anyone explain more about modular chain L 3 ? or any documents
to read about it?

its a chain based on Layer 2 like with help of base cain which is built on ethereum already with help of OP

true . Base is still too undervalued


just a question . will there be any voting again for this ? @alex

I see that the current whitepaper is outdated against the new proposals and way forward. Will the whitepapers be updated?

New roadmap for 2024? The Twitter post regarding layer 3 does not really reflect on the website…If we want a growing community I guess that all types of improvement should be on the website as well

Normally I try to avoid social media and therefore I only look up stuff on websites.
For example if someone would post something on Twitter I would surely check out the website as well. Now as I said earlier there is no synchronisation between Twitter and the website. So I guess there might be also disappointment when possible interested people are checking out the website and find nothing other than outdated information.

Just something to consider…

against in sense ? what is against the roadmap


Probably Onyx will initiate voting on this.

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Agreed. It seems the Whitepaper and Website updates are in progress.

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ahhhaa . some fireworks surely coming on chartss :hugs: :money_mouth_face:

Any update on this ?

there will be some proposal coming for it soon i believe

do you know any dex which offers base integration ?

i want to ask Why Base ? when base has been built with help of OP . why not using OP or arb at 1st place

base is way faster than op and arb . and also coinbase supports XCN


No details on this yet.

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:thinking: :smiley: