MakerDAO contributors propose up to $100M allocation for exploring tokenized

This is an interesting use case. I wonder if the gov cared about this since when the T-bill is tokenized, everyone in the globe can buy it and own it. Basically, the gov cannot monitor the tokenized T-bill

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Maker DAO honestly does very innovative things with RWA especially as a Defi DAO, we should take notes here I feel.

Maker is one of the best in its class no one should even doubt at then :slight_smile:

what you think about aave ? They are still not supporting the Nft ecosystem . so onyx is one step ahead of them .

Aave seems lazer focused on token markets, new also has stables. Onyx caters to a wider market overall, no comparison I think :thinking:

what is this ? didnt get it TOKENIZED ?