Make it make sense

Why does it cost $144 of ETH to move $24 worth of XCN?

Will Dencun have any effect on this?

Is there a way to make this more reasonable?

not really . dencun upgrade made l2 chain on ethereum network cheaper but no erc chain itself . really less impact on gas fees

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I lose money staking here.

I hope that changes.

Thanks for the response Terra.

Does anyone know if the Onyx Protocol V2 Launch will address this?


ETH fees are high these times, and smart contracts consumes more than regular transfers.
Onyx is a protocol working on Ethereum, that’s it.
If you want to save on fees and don’t hurry, you can see manual gas fee price, e.g., 25 GWEI.
Warning: a transaction can stuck for a long time, and you’ll not be able to make other transaction until it confirmed,

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another solution can be moving to Layer 2 chains :slight_smile: i mean it will be really cool


Yes, I would love to see this solution implemented.


actually defi has liquidity on erc only . layer 2 has some disadvantages

I just want to claim my XCN staking rewards but the cost of claiming is more than the rewards are worth.

I would love to find a solution to that.

Why not payout the rewards directly into the stake?

Is there a way to select a different payout option (compound) on the app?

not possible to directly count reward with the original stake amount as its on smart contract . its need to be claimed by the user .

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although BSC is there for xcn But i dont think its much functional like erc