Listing of New Market : ARB (Arbitrum)

I propose to the DAO to introduce a new market for Arbitrum token.

Arbitrum is a L2 rollup build on Etherum, and recently just launched its token: release of ARB token was extremely anticipated and the number of transaction in the rollup broke an ATH record among all blockchains. Having ARB listed on Onyx would be a good opportunity for the platform to increase TVL and gain exposure.


I second this, having ARB on the platform as soon as possible might add an additional differentiating factor.

I think this is a good idea also

Thanks for the feedback, lets see what others from the community think.

I think someone should submit a gov post

We want arb on onyx the hype is there

Hope they go with this and add arb

LFG we definitely need arb

Definitely something I can agree with

Lets get the arb community in here :fire:

sure why not …$ARB is definitely hot … will get hype / new users …Lets go for it :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thats for sure a great proposal . Lets make it happen Guys

Lol Anyone saw the ARB controversy about AIP 1 ? ITS funny

idk how I feel about this after the ARB governance issues

I feel the same and think we should take a step back from this for now. It is also a potential DEFI competitor

How ? Arb is just 1 layer 2 network isnt it …and token is just a dao concept

we can go with ARB . Obviously we will see fuds here and there but it will be strong fundamentally