Let's launch onyx merch

How about launching onyx merchandise?

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its a chad idea in my opinion

damnn . thats so awesome idea man . lets do a vote over this

you gonna buy it ? fr

Now thats a bold suggestion :hugs:

Good responses . lets make it viral among community

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I would rep a xcn/onyx protocol hat all day.

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Yes and sell it for XCN

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I am all for it. I’m well established on eBay

Hey ! So far we have no plans for this , but thanx for the suggestion , if there will be any progress on this it will be announced here and in Announcement channel .

and burn these xcn which used to buy merchandise ?

impressive idea. very nice

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Indeed . Almost many projects have merch

Can you share any examples please?

They give to community for free ? or paid

wooho . lets say thankyou to this suggestion giver . Thankyou sir

The company I use to work for had thier logo put on Columbia Outerwear. They had hoodies, fleeces and shirts from them. Columbia Outerwear is awesome quality. I’ve been rocking thier gear for a long time. I have a Columbua hiking pack from 2011 that I’ve hiked thousands of miles with and hauled 30 plus pounds of gear in and it doesn’t have a single tear in it or even a loose stich. My vote for Onyx merch woukd be to slap thier labels on as much Columbia gear as possible. Hats, shirts, hoodies, fleeces, backpacks, carry bags and hiking gear.


You put this on a Columbia hoodie and I will love you long time. Lol

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Put Onyx Protocol down the left sleeve where the Columbia logo is on thier veiwmount hoodie.

Wow !! you already finalised the design

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