Key Events This Week

Key Events This Week

  1. Fed Chair Powell Speaks - Wednesday
  2. Initial Jobless Claims - Thursday
  3. Fed Chair Powell Speaks - Thursday
  4. Consumer Sentiment data - Friday
  5. ~10% of S&P 500 reports earnings this week
  6. Total of 12 Fed speaker events
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No sec decision this month on etfs ?

literally no one cares bro. got other things to work on. Like how are we gonna get our money back from this rug

How many $ you lost ?

everyone who has invested cares bro , but some have invested wisely , the amount which doesnt impact their mental health and will be peaceful even if make them loss

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Exactly . diversification is the key

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Agreed. It’s not advisable to invest everything. Basically, it should be what you are ready to lose

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Lmfao this was funny dude

Let’s add Alex Twitter AMA to this list
The AMA is about Onyx Protocol Reimbursement Options

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Interesting month ahead :zap:

ETF approvals may give a giga chad candle

:saluting_face: :smile: :smile:

These were all good sir

ethereum did well