JPMorgan's blockchain-based collateral settlement application goes live

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Onyx of jp moragan ?

No no . onyx has no relation with Jp morgan .

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I really want to know what morgan’s Onyx has to do with crypto and blockchain

I beg to differ, JP Morgan is knuckle deep here. Onyx is the bridge into defi that JPMORGAN is going to use.

One other tid bit of info that makes me believe we are tied to JPMORGAN. Everyone here knows what copyright infringement is correct? JPMORGAN wouldn’t allow this to coexistence without some sort of connection. Onyx is Onyx by JPMORGAN, or it better damn well be!!!

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I thought the same thing about copyrights especially since the recent Onyx protocol logo change. No concern for having the same name as JPM

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Onyx protocol has nothing to do with jp Morgan’s onyx
Both loggo and ticker is diferent, and there is more onyx out there and they are also not the same.

Take always your time and research,

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The coins are different, I never said the coins are the same. Like I said I believe Onyx Protocol is going to be or already is the institutional bridge into defi. Do your research!

Btw you do realize that JPMORGAN has trademarked Onyx. If we supposedly have nothing to do with them this project is illegitimate and illegal by using there trademark!

Onyx Protocol can be used ad a bridge for the JPMORGAN coin and could be leveraged against XCN. It also gives the institutions to the retail side of crypto. Prove me wrong!!!

but JP MORGAN is not for normal users . its for internal bank settlement . this doesnt make sense

Yes, but they need a portal into defi. If you research into JPMorgan they have intentions to delve into defi.

What doesnt make sense is why would this project take on the same name as JP Morgans blockchain without a connection?