JPMorgan to acquire First Republic Bank $FRC

Lol one scam acquiring another :slight_smile:

Meme Banks are collapsing

Good luck to Jp morgan

lmao . funny :sweat_smile: :rofl:Banks are really scam

Nothing just govt spending tax money on useless things .lol

a chain reaction has begun. be ready for banks crash

and FED will start the printer soon :rofl:

show must go on

is this a bank stock ? ahh . i better hodl my xcn :slight_smile:

looks like bank man . obvsly its better to hold crypto / generational shift of wealth coming

lol fr show is on and will be on . domino effect

well said … Its domino effect .

JPMorgan is like BTC from the bank world, it can’t collapse… Or?

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Everything is collapasble . But yeah its a big big bank :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

yes man . morgan is too big to fail

Lehmann Brothers was also a big bank back then

that kind of situation is not going to happen in this era :slight_smile: money printers will be on to save

what if government collapses lol