It looks like the CME institutionals are very bullish, having cut almost all the shorts and increased the longs by 16% 📈

What do you guys think about market ?

BTC ETF looks like a real bullish side for market .

Institutions are chad like me . Bid big

LFG . send the market toooo high

Irrelevant statistics

I feel same . anything which is available for public is not alpha

It was a fake pump

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This mssg didn’t time well . haha

Love the macro finance topic. But making guesses on limited data is pretty risky. There are always things behind the corner we didnt anticipate.

I also think this rally was more orchestrated.

well i realised it was exit news most probably :slight_smile: from july to aug whole month was sideways bearish

Have their positions decreased? Or they still holding the same amount?

Lmao very funny :rofl: