I was just very curious about the staking

HEYY, im new here. I have a question about the staking, is that actually working and 80% APY right now?

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yes its totally safe !! :star_struck:

my apologies but that response does not answer my question referring to the 80% APY and it actually working

mostly apr depends on supply and demands imo . its not stable it keeps changing

okay what ideas do you have in mind to fix that problem?

correct buddy

probably v2 will fix it

yes apy rate is high

If you are going to keep your assets for the medium-long term, definitely stake and enjoy winning

Many cryptocurrencies will be supported soon when V2 opens

It really works and gives good results

Rates may increase or decrease depending on the staked amounts.

If you hold your assets, always stake them internally and earn safely

Absolutely everyone should start earning

Varies depending on staked rates

This is what it should be

Web3-based security and much more secure than central systems

It varies depending on supply and demand and the staked rates. There cannot be a clear rate.

In this way, it becomes sustainable

This is not a problem my friend, supply and demand relationship.