Guys go take part in Gleam competition


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Stumbled on it today. It’s a good one. I will definitely participate as I hope to be one of the winners

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Join the Gleam competition and complete all missions. Get a chance to win, be one of the 15 lucky people

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Thanx for sharing mate . :saluting_face:

ONly 15 winners? dammmm

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looking forward to be among the winners, ain’t missing out

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Good Luck mate / Hope you make it

Onyx, thanks for a new launched campaign! :heart:

LFG! Good Luck, guys!

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Participate in Gleam and many similar events and get a chance to win great prizes The event never ends at Onyx

when it is ending ?

13 days left

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I have already done all tasks! :fire:
Good luck you all, guys!


Already taking part my friend

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That’s fantastic! Best of luck in the Gleam competition.

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Any hint how to increase the chance of winning ? :yum:

It will end in 10 days, those who did not participate should hurry.

Complete the tasks completely and try to find references if any, it will increase your score :slight_smile:

Since there are continuous events, it would be ridiculous to distribute the prize to 100 people, 15-20 people are better without dividing the prize.