Grayscale wins lawsuit against SEC

Lets fkin goooo . The commencement of another bull run lol

They just asked to review mate not allowed ETF . Keep chill and enjoy the show

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It the first step. Gradually, there will be changes. We just have to wait for SEC to review. For now, speculation is pure speculation. However, if SEC approved Grayscale’s BTC ETF, that would be another cashflow coming in to crypto market which is great!

There’s also a chance that this becomes a big negative and the SEC says even the futures ETF is illegal and pushes for it to be taken off da market.

why why ? they allowed futures ETF after review right ?

Yes but that’s why they’re the government they can change their mind anytime and get away with it, has happened several times in the past especially in crypto and the financial markets.

Because otherwise this same argument goes for Coinbase, SEC sued them after letting them get listed on the stock market with the same business model they sued them for.

very much possible but dont forget we have courts :slight_smile: it works what so ever it is .

Ok so pump is reverted back . its rule news pump always reverts back

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Lol very true . but again its all shaking the weak hands game

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One win and they delayed the etf decision again .

30k coming soon . dont fade it anons :grin: