Google Cloud teams up with Web3 startup to make DeFi mainstream

Google does collab with defi ? what about regulation

This is a positive development for Defi. Web3 will spread to more masses and its usage areas will increase day by day. Technology never goes back

who cares , they will lose every case in court . :grimacing:

Well, there will be KYC for every user, I guess? KYC is more than enough for governments to track down criminal activities.

how its decentralised when there is kyc mate ?

Before using the service, you have to connect a wallet to it, right? Then it is possible for a service to enfore KYC before connecting to a wallet or after connecting to a wallet, they can enfore the KYC to link the identity with the wallet. It not impossible.

This would be a welcome development. Centralized system have had a lot of security bridges. Projects have started integrating web3 and decentralization

One of the largest companies in the world joined Web3? That is a sure sign of adoption and bullishness!

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Traditional finance is most corrupted bro . atleast you can track crypto . how you will track cash trash ?

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Even if it does not have a big impact in the short term, it will have very productive results in the medium and long term.

I agree 100% with your opinion on this matter. Everything is transparent in blockchain, but you can’t trace the cash, and this is much more dangerous than privacy-oriented projects

What do you mean by cash trash? I don’t quite get the term?

As long as it google, it will definitely have some impact for sure. But the question is what kind of impact? Negative or positive impact?

To track cash in what terms? I think tracking of token makes more sense in the blockchain.

Would be amazing!
But i am still looking for how the security issue on DEFI will be tackled without making it centralized, we have to remember , the more reason we stepped away from CEFI is the monopoly and cebtralised form of doing things.

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cash is trash . he meant this :smile:

seems more likely to have a positive impact.

It is true that cash is garbage, but from time to time, cash is king. While he is the king, you must have cash and invest assets. In the end, even if the cash is in the trash, everyone’s common goal is to earn cash again :slight_smile:

Cash is very difficult to trace, even if it is centralized. In blockchain, it is very easy to trace money, even if it is decentralized.