FTX-tied Alameda Research drops lawsuit against Grayscale


Yeah , saw the news, they wouldn’t have won anyways :sweat_smile:

:rofl: :rofl:so dumping on crypto markets

yeah, it was a dead end


its soo crazy even after winning the etf lawsuit . gRayscale continuously dumping on market

I totally agree that’s why they withdrew

They victimized people in Ftx, they should pay this money first until they sue others.

Their withdrawal was a success, and the possibility of a market fud has been eliminated.

They tried their luck, at least they were cornered

The case is still ongoing and payments will probably be made anyway.

At least they won’t occupy the news unnecessarily

payment of FTX users ?

Yes, it was just announced that Ftx Users will be paid.

The stock market will not be operational again, but payments will be made

I wish everyone who has money to buy it.

yes the news is starting to come

Even if it was opened, no one would use it anymore. I think they should make the payments and this case should be over.

I hope everyone buys it. They said they would pay cheaper. I hope it doesn’t happen like that.

They can never escape the payments now they have to pay