FBI warns Americans against using unregistered crypto money transmitters

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Interesting, I see day coming where 95% of all crypto will be regulated out or forced into some regulated monetary structure. We all see the SEC going after certain offerings. Sometimes even though it may be presented as the SEC going after offerings? How much harder would it be to get the legal president and structure going through the usual red tape? Nothing happens in a vacuum. You can bet your bottom XCN that J.P. Morgan will be there at the finish line with the very select few. Legacy is everything and J.P. has it.

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we will trade only etfs :slight_smile: blackrock and shit’'s . slowly and surely it will not be decentralised

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They’re not going to give up without a fight. They’ll try to profit off it and tear it apart simultaneously.

they means who ?

The entities behind the regulators.

The weird reaction of crypto market has reason too this run i feel . regulators are very strict