Ethereum:Xcn LP swap error

Hello friends. There seems to have been an error when providing an xcn-eth liquidity pool
Is there anyway to undo this or it just gone due to this erroneous processes?

I could undo the pool liquidity. But would i get back the provided amount or will it end up giving the minuscule paired xcn amount value which is only about 11k xcn and 0.45> eth

i think it has been shutdown after hacking . not sure how you proceeded with the txn

That is actually quite interesting. Because the value is still in the LP token but the supplied amounts are different from the amount shown on the blockchain scans and within the uniswap app are all different values of xcn and eth that are shown to be supplied/paired. Thats an odd scenario because the value is still shown to be in only 50 eth-xcn lp tokens. Its kind of hilarious if your really think about it.