ETH sanghai update

what do you think guys on sanghai eth update ? what will make differnce and how it can affect market

its about ETH unlock event . ig 32 $ billion worth eth may get unlocked but they will be locked again probably as most of them are big whales

not a Big impact imo … People trust eth and they will restake so all cool

Hopefully doesn’t dump eth

it will not lol . eth is pumping but again who knows pump before dump haha

:grinning: :joy: The fear is good

I hope for dump to buy more. Sub-1k would be very nice.

damn . eth below 1 k will be brutal for market not so easy to dump 50 %

when is the update date ? date announced ?

April 12

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade right around the corner: The date is set for April 12, 10:27 pm

Expecting big dump after update

Big pump soon guys. ETH rocks

Dump 50% and then pump 200% or more. Imagine that.

Nooooo . i already bought some eth ,No dump now haha , btw for 200 % percnt pump i can risk 50 % dump .send it

Thanx ! looks like this event is priced in