Elon changed Twitters logo to doge

Anyone else see that Elon changed the icon to Doge?

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Haha he keep doing such stuffs to amaze the world nothing new

yes . in browser mode only its still there

haha . Elon doing based job as always

No one does more to popularize crypto than Elon!

true lol .His love for doge is exceptional

when he will announce BTC rebuy ? remember he sold btc last year was it all or just some part ?

we need elon collab with onyx lol :innocent: :star_struck:

That would be a rollercoaster for us lol

Elon removed the logo and it dumped. Haha, classic!

we knew it …isnt it …it was just for fun :slight_smile: lol

elon doing stuffs with doge = a perfect short scalp opportunity

Elon gives predictability in the crypto world

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Lol I saw this when using twitter