Do Kwon charged with using false passport in Montenegro

man did scam in every field :rofl: :joy:

a man of a 100 talents

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You guys know about this ? lmfao

lmao Do Kwon is a legend

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:smiling_face_with_tear: :expressionless:legend hiding hw wallet in @$$

If I had millions and millions like him I would hide my wallet in that place too

lmao //thats not safe imo . you can easily buy a house in 3rd world country and di out inside and hide it lol

This is the smallest of all his crimes.

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Hahahaha for real smaller than digesting billions of normal people

guys Terra is here and you are trolling my founder .not cool xD

Man iā€™m innocent i just kept printing coins .nothing else dude

lmfao //this platform is fun ngl