Crypto Billionaires Lost $110 Billion In Past Year

Some of the biggest losers of all, these billionaires lost over 75% of their wealth in just 12 months.

Billionaires for the reason lol …well they may make it all again

Good one and most of the losers lost because they cheated with normal people . fraud with people hard earned money

They didn’t actually lose, but their funds just temporarily decreased

Bullish news! The more they lose the more normal people gain

no but in case of ftx and luna …they lost it forever

lmfao .so true man .money flows from rich class to poor people …is it so?

And silicon valley bank alone lost 300 + b dollars. Lmao

i also want to be such billionaire and lose it all by doing degen trading

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I can’t even believe that billionaires do trading and do believe in FTX and Luna etc

alameda was a big hedge fund / market maker and were trading with customers money of ftx lmfao . you money is my money

I wonder how much money CZ lost

He lost he gained . I dont think he is underwater as he dont touch leverage

true buddy . cz is legend lol . he is master player and master manipulator too

FTX’s Sam Bankman Freed alone lost half of that number, right?

I lost $100 past year, damn crypto winter