CoinEx hot wallets appear to be drained of nearly $28 million in crypto

Lmfao . whats new in this ? another day another hack

Another hack, another day of money laundering and another day of increased scarcity!

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we are used to it . xD

Centralized exchanges are definitely extremely risky. There are various lawsuits and rumors even about Binance. Those who use exchanges that are ranked lower in the market should definitely think twice. It is always safer to store your money on decentralized Platforms like Onyx

even dex wallets are risky lol . everything comes with risk . even mark cuban got hacked and scammed 800k $

If you do not connect your wallet everywhere and are careful, the risk level is very low in dexes. Novice users can generally lose serious money because they cannot manage risk, but centralized exchanges are not more reliable because of this negligence.

On a daily basis, people device means to hack into wallet. It’s getting worrisome.
This is one of the reasons I don’t connect my wallet any how. Of course, I have main wallet and others with no asset.
One really needs to be security conscious