Coca-Cola unveils ‘Masterpiece’ NFT collection on Ethereum Layer 2 Base

Haha . Base will be a bigger thing in coming year . i am damnn sure about it

Coco cola had NFTs on Erc chain too ?

Anddddd, here comes the 90% dumb just like Trump’s NFT. I don’t have high hope for NFT from celebrities or large corps.

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why you think so ? any particular reason >

It just a fact, no? Or maybe it just how crypto works.

Trump Nft dead ? or still has life he wont rug lol

:grinning: :wink:

Floor price of Donald Trump’s NFT collection, Trump Digital Trading Cards, is up 42% today following the release of his mug shot.

Well, it market cycle. It the same with almost with any altcoin. Up and down, down and up. At the end of the day, the FA isn’t solid enough from my pov

Lol . it will be more wonderful with elections gets closer