Clearling the air

Team I notice lots of FUD recently on X. I suggest you do a live video or audio AMA similar to what Sega did. I think would help cancel lots of FUD just doing this by answering live questions. We, holders, need this. Please

Also suggest lowering the amount of coins being added to circulation. 1. Lowering expenses 2. Lowering APY 3. Lowering payouts to team members (just for a short while). This will help price go up so we can get more people interested in Onyx

We urgently need more buyers and we’ve somehow missed this whole bull rally. I think the team has the right intentions, but we are missing something on execution side.

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Audio or video AMA is something we plan. I have yet to determine the exact date or event.

It’s a healthy idea to reduce expenses and payouts to team members. However, there is a back side, and it works only on paper, not in reality.

  • Professional team members ask for high salaries
  • In crypto, infrastructure, marketing, and other services are also at high cost
  • APY is what keeps Onyx attractive compared to other protocols
  • It’s possible that lowering expenses will even lead to a negative price impact

Anyways, we are open to new legit proposals; as Onyx is a decentralized community, every proposal and vote goes on-chain and reinforces not with words but with a stake.
Any can propose changes in APY, set limits to expenses, or even change a project leader.

As for me personally, I do my best to offer secure and efficient DeFi protocol to the crypto community, but I don’t ensure any price pumps or bull runs.