Challenges with Regulations

Ever wondered!

How will the current surge in regulations affect the industry’s quest for genuine decentralization?

Positve or Negative?

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Both will co -exist . this industry has got bigger and strong enough to protest agains wrong decisions of govt.

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Good point here !

You know monopoly is now a thing.
I hope it doesn’t threaten true decentralization.

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No one is master here . we have seen this in bear run . big big bois got nuked . market is the king

This cycle will be too tough . after thins either everything will be regulationed or space will be too strong enough to be independent of outsiders attack

Imho, there is a big positive side of it. People need to escape from Centralization and DeFi it the only exit

Ikr !

But won’t regulations jeopadize the very essence of decentralization?

surely it will no doubt with that . i feel we will be without regulations one more cycle and then all regulationised