Celsius distributed $2 billion of crypto to creditors, court document shows

amazing news mate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: all were speculating meanwhile they already did this

you guys too lost money in celsius saga ?

mostly big retailers who take some standard form of investment chose ledge funds most of the time

literally no reaction of this news on market . all news which gets out are already priced in

It’s good for people to get their money

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Most cases last for years like Mx got

Absolutely everything is included in the price

It also changes the view of the market. In general, in these cases, people are afraid to enter the market and trust institutions.

There are definitely still buyers from that exchange, so the faster they distribute it, the better it will be, there is also ftx among those to be distributed.

-Prices anticipate every news and expectation and react negatively when the news arrives.

biggest +ve news will be when ftx users will be reimbursed

bigger than that will be when onyx v1 users will be refunded back sir