Can we start giving services to Nft Projects of different chain

Hey @alex Can we start giving services to Nft Projects of different chain ? or launch any Nft marketlace


Thank you for suggestion.

We are working on different scenarios and choose the best ones.

Current priority is to our Onyx Protocol, not NTF marketplace.


Adding NFT marketplace would be a good one. But at present, I think much work needs to be done on our current use cases for much adoption and visibility

this can be great idea implication, but i also want to say that this might be good after current marketplace success in other ecosystem. so it might be good idea to implement in future

can you please mention some scenarios ? are you working on RWA or other mentioned roadmap

Ok alex . will be waiting for more details on this . we really need onyx to make noise in the space .

Why divert attention and put it into something that’s not core focus of the protocol?

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Kudos to the team and their effort ,will be looking forward to come in future

Agreed . better focus on the given roadmap and make them working asap . deliver whats promised first

Great suggestion here!
To me its definitely a good idea!
But i still feel, the supply feature still has a lot of hidden potential.
Especially in the apsect of supplying NFT , wrapping punk and more.
Alot of work to do in that aspect!


I believe he is just sharing his thoughts, and Alex replied that it can be a good suggestion and recommendation for the future. Currently, teams is focused on the Onyx Protocol Marketplace.

yup .also the focus is on nft as protocol bring more nfts . just 3-4 nfts wont make it big

I think it would be better to proceed according to demand. It makes more sense to focus on existing products and make onyx available to more communities as a priority. Then we can focus on NFT marketplaces in different chains. The priority in the project is the road map

I think it would be great in the future, but right now it seems more logical to focus on the onyx protocol. If the community grows and becomes stronger, it would be smarter to implement such different ideas

Yes but it still doesn’t make sense and Alex clearly clarified it’s not the focus.

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yeah . focus should be whats already promised in roadmap

well it was also in my mind but as you all and Alex already declined the idea so lets go with the plan ;

It wasn’t a bad idea per say. I feel the team has priorities which is encapsulated in the roadmap.
If need be, adjustment can be made. It’s never out of place.

Of course, no matter how necessary something is, priorities are different. The team is currently focusing on priorities, but as you said, it can be implemented in the future if there is a need and demand. Onyx is very open to development.

The supply feature for NFTs already acts as a service to NFT projects. Launching a NFT marketplace is a good suggestion, but the Team reference that it will be best done in the Future.