Budget alloctaion

Hi team was wondering for the DAO gets money to operate for operational expenses after OIP is approved?

Does that XCN get converted to USDT or USD via selling to exchanges?

There was also a LDA funding of $40M. Is this money coming from LDA or selling to the market on exchanges?



there is no inhand funding deal of 40 M $ . its in exchange of xcn they provide $ . you should read funding articles on medium

it has been replied several times :grin: :grinning:

This has explained everything so well .


Onyx goes for OTC and sells XCN on exchanges.

The LDA deal is out of date.

Out of date means ? Now it doesn’t exist ?

Ummm . Interesting stuffs . are you guys looking for more such deals or investments by companies ?


Yes, Onyx is always looking for partnerships and cooperation.


awesome . Good luck team hope we will find some great investors

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