Budget allocation for current operations: May–July 2023

Probably voting start this week at Onyx Protocol

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Looks Good to me . Game must go on

Since we are voting on budget, could you provide clarification about what is going to be built for the next 3 months? What new features?
If we are here talking about cost to maintain platform this seems high given that smart contract code do not need maintenance.
If some new features are going to get developed for the next 3 months, please share. Marketing, ambassadors etc only need to come with new features.

Also why we are not including any additional audit for the next 3 months? I understand DAO members would prefer that to go into salary but we need to think of the best outlook for ONYX protocol, not DAO members


Ok got it . thanx for making it clear

yes but then releasing a budget to the DAO before having an idea about the roadmap isn’t ideal.

I understand your concerns about platform features, and agree that the community wants not DAO Treasury expenses, but the platform development.

Right now, adding new features can break project consistency and complicate further development.

I am concentrated to create an environment where project security will be transparent, project architecture — clear, and in case of bugs we’ll be able to handle them in time.

I’ve replied about roadmap in thread More updates about new roadmap?
Three months is a short period.
One important task for these three month is to improve decentralization, and I expect to see more votes for proposals in result.

About additional security audit, see my opinion Engage a 2nd auditing firm to conduct an audit on ONYX

I would be voting against this. Marketing budget is needed but with Alex being the new head of the DAO and seemingly a CTO of sorts based on the hires, I think I speak for the community when I say I do not support and if this goes to a vote then I will be voting against the other items as I believe he needs to prove his skills first with the platform and bringing new users, the platform is already well designed and competitive with unique offerings. If he proves himself with the existing platform then that would be a different story.

In summary, currently I support a marketing only budget.

Those who are arguing its to much xcn . how we can expect good marketing without funds . doesnt make sense . lets see for this 3 month and will decide about funds after july .

proving skills also need funds these days brother . lets give them chance for may-july and will judge them after july

With the fail of the budget proposal, I’m happy to see real decentralization. We’ll take more time to gather community feedback, leave it here.

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Damn . The diffrnce is also huge . what will happen later now ? no marketing ?

Until then, no development, no marketing.
It’s for the best. Take a break.

Looks like there was a information gap what went wrong ? :grinning:

hmm. makes me sad tbh . hoping for the best of onyx

OIP 12: Onyx DAO Budget Proposal Postmortem Analysis

Proposed Team Positions

The following is intended to help provide context regarding the expected costs, roles, and responsibilities of each proposed job position that was listed on OIP-12. It is important to understand the impact these roles will have on the organization’s growth, ultimately facilitating informed decision-making when the next budget proposal is up for a vote.

Frontend Developer:

  • Market Salary: $70,000 - $120,000
  • Role & Impact: Designing and implementing user interfaces and user experiences for the Onyx Protocol. Their work will help to ensure that the platform is user-friendly, ultimately driving user adoption and growth.

Fullstack Developer:

  • Market Salary: $80,000 - $140,000
  • Role & Impact: Designing, building, and maintaining the Onyx Protocol’s core infrastructure, ensuring its scalability, reliability, and security. This role is critical in the ongoing development of the protocol, enabling new features and improvements that contribute to the DAO’s growth

System Administrator and Security Engineer:

  • Market Salary: $70,000 - $130,000
  • Role & Impact: Responsible for monitoring, updating, and optimizing servers, as well as ensuring that the platform remains secure from potential attacks. This role is essential in protecting the DAO’s assets and maintaining user trust.


  • Market Salary: $50,000 - $90,000
  • Role & Impact: The Designer will be responsible for creating visually appealing designs and branding materials for the Onyx Protocol. This includes designing UI/UX elements, marketing materials, and social media content. A strong brand identity and consistent design language will help to enhance the DAO’s public image and attract new users and partners.

Head of BD Assistant, Community Head:

  • Market Salary: $60,000 - $100,000
  • Role & Impact: The Head of BD Assistant and Community Head will work closely with the Head of Business Development to form and maintain strategic partnerships, manage community relations, and create opportunities for user engagement. This role is crucial in building a strong and active community, fostering collaboration, and promoting the adoption of the Onyx Protocol.

Community Managers, Ambassadors:

  • Market Salary: $40,000 - $80,000
  • Role & Impact: Community Managers and Ambassadors will be responsible for promoting the Onyx Protocol, engaging with users, and managing the online presence of the DAO across various platforms. Their efforts will help to grow the community, attract new users, and maintain a positive public image for the organization.


  • Market Salary: Variable
  • Role & Impact: Contractors may be hired for specialized tasks or projects as needed. The involvement of skilled contractors can accelerate development, ensure the completion of critical tasks, and contribute to the overall growth of the DAO.

Estimated Monthly Salary Cost Range

Taking into account the salary ranges provided for each role, assuming one of each role and no contractors, the estimated monthly cost for the team can be calculated. At the lower end of the salary spectrum, the total monthly cost would be approximately $28,333, while at the higher end, it would be around $51,667. These figures are based on the sum of the minimum and maximum salaries for each position, respectively, and are intended to provide a clearer understanding of the potential financial impact of hiring the proposed team members. *This is for salary only

Proposed Budget Analysis

Given that 1 XCN is currently worth $0.00235 on 06 MAY 2023, we can convert the proposed budget into USD and calculate the monthly costs for each category:

Total proposed budget: 115,000,000 XCN

Total budget in USD: 115,000,000 XCN * $0.00235/XCN = $270,250

–Monthly breakdown–

Team Hiring: 65,000,000 XCN
Team Hiring in USD: 65,000,000 XCN * $0.00235/XCN = $152,750
Monthly cost: $152,750 / 3 months = $50,917

Infrastructure Support: 15,000,000 XCN
Infrastructure Support in USD: 15,000,000 XCN * $0.00235/XCN = $35,250
Monthly cost: $35,250 / 3 months = $11,750

Marketing: 35,000,000 XCN
Marketing in USD: 35,000,000 XCN * $0.00235/XCN = $82,250
Monthly cost: $82,250 / 3 months = $27,417


In summary, the monthly costs for the proposed budget allocation are as follows:

Team Hiring: $50,917

Infrastructure Support: $11,750

Marketing: $27,417

Estimated Monthly Total: $90,084

These figures represent the estimated costs for each category based on the current value of XCN at $0.00235, which is subject to change in the future.

But team was demanding just 200k for 3 Months . :slightly_smiling_face:

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what you want to say btw ? crux of this

when New budget proposal ?

Why aren’t we using LDA capital? I mean Onyx DAO has an agreement to use $40m which is a huge amount much larger teams can have a runway of many many years.
Why is DAO chosing to dump the XCN on treausry instead?

i think you need to read the article again .