BlackRock met again with the SEC yesterday —this time, with Gensler's people/staff

how many times they will meet lol

this January etf confirmed ? or more waiting

They are prolonging it for too long, it should be resolved as soon as possible

There’s been too much waiting, a solution needs to be found urgently

This probably won’t last forever

It seems to me that they are publishing all kinds of news to mold the market.

It would be really nice if it was approved but it’s always an excuse

The entire cryptocurrency community is waiting for this, but there is still no confirmation

There is a serious bias against cryptos

They will do their best and the process will take longer.

This is already how they manage the market, buy expectations, sell news

I think the market will be at the top when it is approved. Still not being approved may mean we haven’t reached the top yet.

dinosaur managers are not innovative in this prejudice

This is an algorithm that markets have been working on for years.

You are absolutely right, new bulls are at the door, we haven’t reached the moon yet.

Unless there are young and innovative governments, the pace of development of technology will progress slowly.

The signal for this will be a succession of approvals.

It doesn’t matter if technology develops slowly, what matters is its development.

I can’t help but add that technology never goes back, just like time.