Base was the most profitable L2 in August, surpassing Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync Era

I’m surprised they passed zkSync, probably due to on-chain summer? :thinking:

Due to the silver spoons of coinbase and Optimism

Yeah, probably due to Coinbase backing and optimism. Not sure if they can keep it up like this in the future. Coinbase is still under monitored by SEC so if things get a little bit fishy, Base will not perform well and may have to be shutdown too

No way Coinbase will face defeat in that case . Tether was also facing threats from that org . it managed to win .

Well, that is Tether, not Coinbase. Unlike Tether, Coinbase focuses on trading activities a wide range of assets which could affect the market severely if not being monitored carefully. I mean Coinbase could manipulate the market however they want. On the other hand, Tether main purpose is to issue USDT and does not involve in trading acitivities a lot. SEC knows the difference and I’m sure they will scrutinize Coinbase more than Tether

They can simply pay fine and continue .they only care about fine . also may delist those assets

Then next time, the fine will be even more expensive which is not worth it. Better staying with the law.

Once they do setllement there is no mess again imo haha