Any new assets coming guys?

any news assets listing anytime soon team ?

i hope some trending coins soon get listed on platform

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I believe there are some new coins to be expected but let’s wait for the team to comment on this. It might still take more time.


would be good if happens in these time . Bear run is best time to develop

Ok :innocent:

Which asset you wanna get listed here ?

Which one has solid FA and is trending right now in your opinion? To me, I would pick doge, ada and sol

The team is working on adding more assets. But there is no information yet about what it will be :slight_smile:

Yeah, we need to get all the work done now before we go on a run again.

Any timeline you can give ?

Fingers crossed, we might eventually have it soon

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I want Inj and atom

Listing on Binance will be a boom for $XCN. Let’s see how it goes

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Amen . Hopefully but not worth rightnow , it need to selfestablish in the market well then listing on binance

Binance listing would be costly and I’m not sure what will it bring to Onyx. Maybe people will find it interesting initially but later on, they might doesn’t care. It is a risky option

exactly , atleast 10x from here may be

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Shiba, one of the meme coins, currently has a 23% earning rate.
Coins in many different categories will be listed over time. Onyx Platform continues to improve itself and appeal to a wider audience of investors.

shib is already on platform isnt it ?

Yes we have SHIB :slight_smile:

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Yes, coins and tokens from every category continue to be added to the platform and I think more will be added.

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