Among other DeFi lending platforms, which one do you guys prefer the most?

Aave, Compound, Onyx, ParaSpace, BendDAO,etc. Which one?

well obviously Im member here so i will be vocal for onyx , but i like Maker too ( MKR )

Aave seems good since they have revenue for the last few years and it increase steadily each year. Compound is also looks solid too. Onyx on other hand is new to the market which means it a high risk project but high reward too. Plus, they have a decent amount of backing so yeah, it wouldnt hurt to add Onyx to your portfolio

you know about recent AAVE crisis ? after CRV thing happened . they had too much bad loans

Onyx protocol all through. I actually enjoy a lot of things here. The staking, supplying and the fact that one can use NFT as collateral makes Onyx Protocol Ideal liquidity for me

AAVE still looks solid enough after that crisis. They now have stable source of revenue which is much better than many projects atm. It a rare case in this market

Yeah True .Lets see how it will perform in defi summer

I prefer Onyx protocol, so will always go for it :100:


legend :heart_eyes:

Of course, I prefer the Onyx platform, I think it is the best.

Other than onyx ? what you will prefer

With these features, it is at a more advanced level than many platforms and manages to gather all kinds of investors together.

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Indeed . nfts lover have also space . stakin lover also , supplying and borrowing also . it just need to click something and onyx will rock in next run

Onyx is one of the best in this regard and will succeed in making its voice heard in the market. It offers convenience to investors with innovations and various advantages every day, and transaction fees are free.

Normally, on other platforms, it is possible to stake only coins, but on Onyx Protocol, both coins and NFTs are together and this is one of the unique features that distinguishes the Onyx Platform from many platforms. Additionally, the high stake earnings on the Onyx Platform are not available on most platforms and Onyx is completely decentralized.

Onyx will be my First on the list
next will be Aave
Just my opinion!!