AMA with VT would be nice

I just learnt Sega has left due to personal issues, that’s super sad I hope he’ll be better soon.

Also got to know VT is the new BD lead at Onyx. I think it will be good to have an AMA with VT and if anyone else can join that will be even better. It will help set the environment and also give us an idea of the direction VT will take Onyx. Thoughts?


i sense its coming soon . they have already announced .lets see when its coming :no_mouth:


Looking forward to this AMA also.


lets fkin goo Alex . audio mic session this time please

Head of community would be fine too. Head of BD maybe too busy handling other stuff so VT might not have time for AMA. As long as the AMA is good and answers all the hardcore question then I think it’s ok

Same here, Cosmic Byte. An AMA with VT would be nice, would love to here his vision about the future of Onyx.

Soon everything will be announced, stay tuned :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for getting back to me, very nice to hear from your Alex!

who is head of community ? Alex ?

Yes, it would be great to have an AMA with Alex and VT together. I have some questions and only they have the answers.

open mic sessions though :cowboy_hat_face: may be twitter spaces

Alex is head of DAO (from Telegram), I’m not sure who is the head of community. @alex Can you guys add a team section into the website so we can track down who holds which position?

I think this is a good idea, but so far little time has passed since Sega left and the appointment of VT to his position (which has not yet been officially announced) and I think we will publish all this :cowboy_hat_face:

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Indeed its a good suggestion but it doesnt suits with the very importance of Defi , there is no official officer of defi , its decentralised and community is owner